Illumination is all around, but it takes a skilful eye to master the brilliance of natural light.

Photos by Nell is a Mackay based photography business; born from a love of capturing life’s greatest moments.

As a businesswoman and mother, Nell’s extensive photography career has evolved over the years as she continually strives to learn new skills.

Her galleries are eclectic, from family and weddings to local events, sport and commercial. A unique skillset she has is in real estate and commercial photography, utilising aerial and drone footage to capture viewpoints which aren’t possible from the ground.



“Corporate photography should encapsulate your brand identity and business values. Whether it’s people or product, it’s important that the feel of the business is identified through its imagery. Good photography can help a business immensely with its image. From food to jewellery, cars to architecture; there is a skill and angle involved in every item to ensure it’s captured at its best. An investment in good photography is an investment in the success of your business.”

If you would like to hire Nell, please call her on 0418 879 741 or drop her an email at