Imagine if you had the ability to freeze time? Once we are gone, photos are all we have left.

Hi, I’m Nell! This is my little slice of the internet where I share my colourful and creative photography with you.

I have had a love affair with photography since I was a little girl. I believe in fairy tales, real love, magic and happy endings. My passion is to capture your love, your magic and your happily ever after. Welcome to Photos By Nell.

A yearning for exposing the untold through pictures has led to an adventure of storytelling behind the lens. I obtained my Diploma of Photography and Digital Imagery and regularly up-skill through various industry photography and design courses. The world of photography, much like the rest of life, is an ever-changing landscape. As a photographer I find I am always evolving, never settling for where I am now but always striving for perfection.

Mackay has been my home for more than three decades and I have fallen in love with its never-ending photographic opportunity. Living here for most of my life means I know where the light falls at what time, where the hidden photographic backdrops are and how to use sunrise and sunset to my advantage for pure magic. I live on a rural property near Sarina with my husband and three children. As a country girl at heart, you’ll often find me with a cowgirl hat, camera in hand and Ariat’s on to tread through a muddy paddock. I find beauty in the simplicity of nature and know how to bring out the hidden charm of a rustic backdrop.

Whether it’s getting that perfect angle from aerial photography using a drone, shooting a car for sale from the perfect angle, helping restaurants convey taste in an image through perfectly positioned cuisine or something a little sexy for the eyes of your loved one, you’ll get the same level of passion and professionalism from me every time.